Nature As Being

The Complexion of Identity (Mostly open vista styled landscapes)
There is a kind of flickering of movement among the sliced segments of tall trunks and crossing branches, that creates discernible presence; individuating presence, collective presence and omnipresence. It teems with beings, unseen, yet sensed. The other animals, the wild ones, those who are born wedded to the ecosystem and are an undeniable part of it. They create a body-to-body electricity; distinctly populating parallel worlds, as both individuals and societies, flowing in and out of hollows, glades and limbs, a significant other within the mysterious “self” of a forest. A place, at first defined by the towering guardianship of listening trees, calling attention away from the vulnerable inhabitants within their crown, beneath their bark and between their roots. Once attuned, however, nothing is fully sensed by itself, everything is felt at once, as a person, sensed by their physical parts and also their complexities of consciousness. The air, like breath, carries thought provoking aromas, upon breezes that shift through an archetypal range of characters, fluttering leaves, and lifting boughs. The hermitage of pondering boulders, the chatter of gathered stones, and stoic outcroppings, each holds distinctive and communal thoughtfulness. All the twitching groans, and sighing whispers of life expanding, swirl like life blood in and around the shifting light, and the shadow-casted darkness. An uncertainty of what is near or afar, there and not there in a forest, tantalizes psychologically, at once explaining and inventing folktales. In Idaho, so it was, that as I began to ponder my own presence among the trees, I found that my personal exploration of this uncertain world held mirrors remarkably different from those I have peered through in other places. The imagery that came forth began as edgy, giving way to both archetypal and otherworldly narratives, layered womanhood and social consciousness. eventually creating a sensuous mix of personal concepts involving my understanding of interior and exterior existences.

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