Sacred Waters Tryptic Collection

Exhibit “The Promise of Humanity” Inks on carved wood, 22x24x8 inches April 12, 2020 Our ancient World Mythologies have delved the human consciousness and have spelled out all the lessons of forthright vs. duplicitous action. Religions and spiritual codas warn against our vices. The books have been written. The movies have been made. The songs…

Returning digital painting 22x40

Circle Foundation

Exhibit April 2019 Publication See Publication Featured on Website Website

Artifact NYC

Exhibit I have been in the process of planning a one person show with Artifact NYC since 2016, which was set to open this September 2019. The work is ready, however I have run into a rough patch of life challenges. Luckily, they have been good enough to reset my show date into the future.…

ART Tour International

Exhibit Summer Edition 2018 Spring Edition 2018 Artists For A Green Planet project I was featured in this exciting Virtual show which included a live streaming opening and a special edition magazine.  Of course the theme is one very close to my heart and I am quite proud to be included.

Art Productions New York

Exhibit Transcript: What are the core and fundamental themes and concepts of your art? Visual Art allows me to make sense of my reactions to events. My work speaks directly to the role of emotions upon what is perceived as reality. I think that is what we do as human beings, look at what is…