Night Swimming

Seeking Humanity (Figurative Work)
I find the portrayal of human beings fascinating as it directs my observations outward, as well as inward. Ultimately, for me it is a way to come to understand self. As in science, the study of representational art, begins by developing an understanding of the physical along with empirical truths that have been discovered and noted through time and then naturally wanders into the realm of consciousness, sub consciousness, philosophy and psychology. Through tenacity one develops a familiarity with every rule, every theory and technique that eventually reveal their poetic nature. Control and command become fractal-like, duplicating, patterning and spiraling into one and other, spontaneously calling forth corresponding and heightened awareness, expression and imagination. Depicting the human figure, is for me, a good example of that flow and therefore, has always been an area of art that compels me. Although, I often turn to other engrossing subject matter, I always return to drawing and painting people when I hear the call to pursue the nature of our humanity. Through out my career as an artist the various bodies of work I have developed, intermittently began or ended with a study of the human figure.

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